Thursday, March 8, 2012

C hospitalised to avoid second date?!

You (like me) might be wondering what happened to C after that first enthusiastic and highly successful date.

Well, after he cancelled dinner, we were meant to be going to a comedy club, and I was starting to seriously look forward to it as he seems uncomplicated, affectionate, easy company, oh yes - and mega hot. And indeed has not put a foot wrong since nipple-gate. However the day before we're due to meet, I get a text saying he was going to have to cancel as he's been hospitalised!

Tumescent, & she's not even blowing it!
I'm starting to wonder whether he is writing a blog entitled "How long till she gets the message?"

But he follows it up with a long explanation of his trip to A & E (he collapsed at work - clearly from the anticipated excitement of meeting me) and asks if it would be possible to meet the following week. I tell him any day except Thursday. He chooses Friday (good sign) and offers me the money for the tickets as he feels terrible cancelling at such short notice (not necessary - re-recruited!).

As the comedy night has now been and gone I can inform you that he has subsequently sent just the right number of texts, containing just the right amount of humour, mixed with just the right amount of enthusiasm.

Dix points!

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