Monday, March 5, 2012

My students give S a lesson about love!

In class today we analysed an extract from How to be an Other Woman (from Lorrie Moore's superb short story collection). 

What followed was a discussion about love, affairs etc and I asked my students if they believed in The One. They told me that this was just a teenage fantasy. 

Encouraged, I asked them what they thought about my "friend" S, who was still holding out for The One.
Not the students' letter, but still enjoyable!

Yuna (aged 20): He's 55 and he's still waiting for The One? He's stuuuuuupid!

Yuki (also 20): And he's never been married? Really?

Yi Wen (25): So sad.... It's really sad.

Yuna: Yes, stupid and sad. I think he needs counselling for the head. Hahaha! He's a psychiatrist and he needs counselling!

Yi Wen: He is never going to get married. He will always be alone.

Yuki: I believe in The One. Maybe he can be my The One! Hahahaha!

Yi Wen: We will write him a letter. What's his name? 

Yuna: (gets pen) "Dear Dr. S..."

Below is one of the letters. Now the only question is, do I forward it? 

(P.S. That was a rhetorical question, for those who have to ask)

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